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George Chilton’s Poem “Dudley Castle”


George Chilton (the immigrant) traveled back to Europe in 1835. He may have written this poem at that time. The copy above is not in his handwriting. The image below is Dudley Castle in Dudley England, near Ryton where George was born.

Dudley Castle
Old Dudley reminds me of days that are past
where I wandered and pondered with wonder and awe
‘mong ruins that roofless and mouldering fast
Bespake an obedience to nature’s great law
Natures watchword is ‘changes’ and the firmest of rocks
Which old ocean for ages hath battered in vain
Yields its atoms to nourish our plants and our flocks
Which in time may return to make solids again
Such changes we also are destined to share
Our bodies to gases and atoms will turn
But the bright world presented by faith’s cheering glow
Arrests our despair and forbids us to mourn.

Lines written by George Chilton, Sr.


George Chilton’s Business Card



This is the business card of George Chilton (the immigrant).

A yellow fever outbreak in 1805 sent the Chiltons from New York City to Newark, NJ where George gave a series of scientific lectures.

Their first child George James was born there.

“Terms: Geography and the preparatory branches of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. Tickets to a course of 12 lectures. These lectures will be delivered twice a week …on Tuesdays and Fridays at nine in the morning. They will commence as soon as twenty subscribers are obtained. The course contains the following subjects Properties of Matter, Mechanics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Optics, Astronomy, Electricity and Magnetism.”

Florence Chapman Chilton – Photo and Letter to Geo. S. Chilton 1918

This picture was found with the accompanying sheet of paper from Florence Chapman to George S. Chilton.

Just came across a picture I had taken when I was just in the telephone company. I was about seventeen then. Thought you might like to have it so I am sending it. The girl with me is Louise Fish, the girl I used to pal with. She is married now and has a baby. This may not interest you, but it goes with the history of the picture.
Lots of love and kisses, Florrie

Remember me to all the boys. Be sure to give my love to Herman Puss.

[Florence is on the right]

George Chilton (Immigrant) – Passport & Signature


Part 1

Part 2

66 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, forehead high, face oval

Native of England

April 21, 1835



Part 3

Detail of Signature

George Chilton (Immigrant) – Portrait

George Chilton (portrait)

Born Ryton, England (1768-1836)

Came to New York City in 1801

Father of George J. Chilton

Grandfather of Bruce Archibald Chilton

Great Grandfather of Archibald J.L. Chilton

Great Great Grandfather of George S. Chilton

Great Great Great Grandfather of George E. Chilton